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Garnì Aparthotel Princess***

Canazei - Penia - Val di Fassa mt 1.500

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Join our membership programme! Trentino Residences Fidelity Card gives the owner a number of benefits, such as discounts in many shops and at some amenities of the Fiemme and Fassa valleys, a privileged treatment at every stay after your first as a member (assignment of your preferred apartment/room, favourable cancellation conditions, no extra charge on short stays), special discounts after the accumulation of 21 nights at any of our residences of Fiemme and Fassa. You can have your Fidelity Card for free by requesting it at your arrival at any of our residences!

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Events in Fassa Valley

Selleronda Skimarathon (24.03.2017)

One of the most famous international ski touring competitions has come this year to its 22nd edition. The Sellaronda Skimarathon is reserved only to extreme skiers matched in two-people teams, who have to overcome a total of 42 kilometres and a total drop of over 2.700 metres along demanding courses around the Sella massif. Thsi ski mountaineeing competiotion unfolds at night along the ski carousel joining, across the four Dolomitic passes of Sella, Gardena, Campolongo, and Pordoi ad many ladin valley ( Gardena, Badia, Fassa and Livinallongo and the villages of Canazei, Selva di Val Gardena, Corvara and Arabba). The athletes race with alpine skis applied with seal skin to help tackle the ascents, and face the technical course with determination and technical ability, displaying their experience, specific basic training and ability to adapt to the ever changing atmospheric conditions. On this occasion, the start and the finish location, which varies from year to year in rotation, will be Arabba. 

The Carnival (January-February)

The Carnival is the most characteristic cultural and folkloristic event of Val di Fassa; it is the beating heart of this small Ladin world. The Carnival is an ancient tradition relived year after year with the "Maschèredes" or comical performances featuring the most well-known traditional characters that that place in Penia. Here the celebrations and evening performances begin with the Festival of Saint Sebastian (Penia’s patron) on 19th January. But the Val di Fassa Carnival is above all a party, a chance to dress up, have fun and let go before the solemnity of Lent. The locals love dressing up, putting on masks and traditional costumes and making fun of others. There are also the famous wooden masks, "faceres", created by the valley’s sculptors. The Carnival spirit is embodied in the vibrant hues of the multicoloured costumes of "Bufon" and "Laché", and in the wooden masks portraying the beautiful and the ugly, the good and the evil.


Marcialonga (29.01.2017)

The Marcialonga di Fiemme e Fassa is an international cross country ski race that takes place the last Sunday of January. The 70 km track has to be covered just in classical technique, and that’s what makes Marcialonga one of the toughest races in the world. The most part of competitors (7.500 participants) come from the Scandinavian countries, in particular Norway, for a weekend long festival of Nordic skiing.

La Sportiva Epic Ski Tour (12.01.2017-15.01.2017)

From 12th to 15th January 1st edition of La Sportiva Epic Ski Tour, a sporting event dedicated both to graet champions and to ski mountaineering enthsiasts. 

Three exciting ski mountaineering races will take place from 12th to 15th January 1017 in Val di Fiemme and Val di Fassa. Many events will merge during this long sport weekend. The race desk, the "village" with a special expo area and all side activities will be set up at Palafiemme in Cavalese (Val di Fiemme). 




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Garnì Aparthotel Princess Garnì Aparthotel Princess Studio apt x 3/4 and Studio x 4 with view Studio apt x 3/4 Studio x 4 with View Studio x 4 with View Bathroom Bathroom Swimming pool Gym Swimming pool Spa Hall Hall Hall Baby room Baby room Garnì Aparthotel Princess Balcony Studio x 4 with view View of Studio x 4 with view View of Studio x 4 with view Studio apt x 3/4 Studio apt x 2/3/4 Balcony Studio apt x 2/3/4 Spa Hall - Reception Garnì Aparthotel Princess Swimming pool Spa Spa Hall Bathroom Balcony


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