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Trentino Residences is...

Trentino Residences is a leader in self-catering accomodation in the Dolomites’ area.

Our philosophy is to offer accomodation in well furnished and equipped apartments with the facilities and services usually characterising a high quality hotel.

It has turned out to be a successful story, because more and more tourists like to match independence with comfort and get quality accomodation at reasonable prices.

Families with children are particularly welcome, as well as pet-owners.

Our story

Trentino Residences has been the name for the best self-catering accommodation in the Dolomites’ area for more than 30 years.

Self-catering accommodation having all the comforts of a good quality hotel: this was something that was missing in the Fiemme and Fassa valley before Trentino Residences came into existence.

Throughout time, we have invested in the constant renovation of our residences and in the provision of new services and ways to entertain our guests.

Our aim is to let them fully enjoy their experience in the Dolomites!